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January 30, 2020 News Industry SpotlightInnovations in dentistryTrends in Dentistry

An Interview With Don Casey, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsply Sirona Inc

by Oral Health

Interviewers: Melissa Summerfield, Vice President, Newcom Media Inc.; Dr. Les Rykiss, Editorial Advisory Board Member, Oral Health Melissa: Let’s start off with Primescan since it’s obviously a new exciting product for you guys. How is Primescan driving the innovation of

October 15, 2018 News BlogsCosmetic / AestheticTrends in Dentistry

Top 5 Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

by Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle

There was a time when so many people were requesting veneers it dominated the industry. The same can also be said of teeth whitening that makes teeth whiter than white. These days, however, dentists are pushing for aesthetic dentistry that

January 30, 2017 News BlogsMarketing strategiesTrends in Dentistry

The Difference Between Dental Branding and Marketing and Why It Matters (a lot)

by Jackson Hadley, My Social Practice

What’s the most important part of sharing a photo from your dental practice? Lighting? Composition? No — it’s WHO shared it and the effect it has on your branding or marketing efforts. Knowing the difference between the two will drastically

January 17, 2017 Video Dental TechnologyOral HealthTechnologyTrends in Dentistry

Digital Dentistry with Morton Worsoe

by Oral Health

As Chairman of The Danish Society of Oral CAD/CAM, Morton Worsoe is familiar with changing technology. In this week’s Best Practices video we talk to Morton about how digital dentistry is changing the practice of dentistry. Watch last week’s Best

August 29, 2016 News BlogsDental industryTrends in Dentistry

Create a Dental Blog to Increase Your Site Viewership

by Oral Health

The demand for dental treatments is rising with an increasingly aging population, but the competition is also growing at a similar pace. In an Internet and mobile centric world, marketing has become affordable, accessible and more effective for an average

December 10, 2015 News Dental CareGeneral DentistryTrends in Dentistry

Changing expectations for dentistry

by Kahaliah Richards

Are you getting the sense like me, that the expectations for family dental care are changing?  It seems every week we learn from good scientific studies that good oral health is an independent factor in good overall health. Today, for

February 5, 2013 News General NewsKeeping you guessingMedical newsNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTrends in Dentistry

Social media’s future in dentistry

by Kahaliah Richards

“Increasingly, I think the progressive physicians are more focused on the customer experience and how they can differentiate themselves from other physicians, not just from a clinical perspective but from the overall engagement perspective.” That statement sums up an in-depth

March 31, 2012 News ClinicalSocial NetworkingTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebinarsWebsites

Dental XP – the epitome of sharing and caring

by ken

http://www.dentalxp.com/video/flowable-composite-versatility-every-day-1021486.aspx http://www.dentalxp.com/video/flowable-composite-versatility-every-day-1021573.aspx http://www.dentalxp.com/video/principles-clinically-successful-shade-1121202.aspx Ed McLaren is coming to Burlington, Ontario soon – man truly gets sharing and caring – http://www.oralfacialarts.com/index_main.html Downloads and links – check it out………..brilliant! http://www.dentalxp.com/video/trouble-free-highly-esthetic-composite-1161340.aspx This one is from one of the most incredible presenters I’ve ever seen –

March 24, 2012 News ClinicalCloud computingTreatment planningTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWomen in dentistry

The Relationship School – the future of virtual faculty, real time hands-on training

by ken

First you need to read this! Double clickez-vous – what would I do without David Brooks? I’ve been privileged to learn online since the late 90’s. The focus was on my particular specialty, but it morphed into all areas of

March 8, 2012 News APPsBlogsBurn outDental TeamGovernanceGovernment regulationsHuman ResourcesTransparencyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

The power of social media

by ken

I sincerely hope that the reason for sharing this YOU TUBE video with dentists is understood. We are so incredibly fortunate to do what we do.  We are autonomous, even the insanity of the “ya can’t treat your spouse” law

March 4, 2012 News APPsComputer softwareContinuing EducationTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Will Apple create the all-iPad classroom?

by ken

By Sharon Noguchi snoguchi@mercurynews.com Posted:   03/04/2012 06:10:16 AM PST Updated:   03/04/2012 07:22:21 AM PST Apple hopes its foray into digital textbooks for the iPad will impress educators and corner a huge, lucrative K-12 book market. But the high costs of the

February 18, 2012 News Laser DentistryNew TechnologiesPeriodontologyTrends in Dentistry

Chairside Photodisinfection

by ken

By Dr. George Freedman founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a co-founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry and a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry.  His most recent textbook, “Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry

January 28, 2012 News APPsNew gradsNew productsNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTeam motivationTechnologyTradeshowsTreatment planningTrends in Dental EducationTrends in DentistryWebinarsWebsitesYouTube

Apple iPad: Happy 2nd Birthday

by ken

Apple changed the way we think about computing and digital devices–again–when it introduced the iPad tablet in early 2010. Take a look back and a peek ahead.  Take a walk through it’s two year history – read article. From the iPHONE,

January 22, 2012 News BlogsKeeping you guessingMarketing strategiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTrends in DentistryWellness

Why All Dental Websites Should Have A Blog

by ken

Posted on January 19, 2012 by Dentistidentity.com   In this age of web-informed patients, blogs are golden opportunities for dentists. These blogs enhance dental practice and keep patients informed about services and features that your dental office has. Generally, a blog refers

January 20, 2012 News ElearningImplantologyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Good onya Nobel Biocare – enewsletter resumes

by ken

After a decade-long hiatus,  the publication of Nobel Biocare News resumes. In this first issue—and every issue that follows—we intend to introduce innovations and disclose trends, as we share the stories and experiences of our readers with the global dental community.

January 6, 2012 News Continuing EducationDental TeamNew productsNew TechnologiesSocial mediaSocial networkingTeam motivationTechnologyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot poll is actually an intriguing concept…

by ken

The following is from Dr. Bicuspid – they did a poll on the following topics to provide a “Golden Globes, Emmy, Tony, Oscar” style overview of the profession and the industry. It’s clever marketing and indicative of those who both

January 1, 2012 News ElearningMarketing strategiesOffice designTechnologyTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Took the cloud less than a year, watch for OLEDs to change the design of the treatment room of tomorrow or today

by ken

Less than a year ago, a cloud was something that was either a harbinger of a Georgia Okeefe retrospective or a potentially ruined golf game, which frankly, already ruins a good walk in the woods and pollutes the aquifiers with

December 29, 2011 News APPsBlogsConnectivitySocial mediaSocial networkingTrends in Dentistry

QR codes……far more relevant to the future of your practice than encryption

by ken

Watch out for the literal avalanche of QR codes on store windows, advertising pages and if you’re really really really on top of your social media marketing game, the dental world is going to figure out how to use them

December 16, 2011 News APPsNew TechnologiesTrends in Dental EducationTrends in Dentistry

Surgeons use XBox to keep hands sterile before surgery

by ken

In the pre-show (yawn) before Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – as enticing as Downton Abbey – there was a commercial for the Xbox Kinect.  The flood of iPAD Cloud based dental APPS has become a tsunami, yet suddenly it became

November 30, 2011 News Innovations in dentistryTrends in Dentistry

“To improve our competitiveness is essential to create ecosystems of innovation through partnerships”.

by ken

from Best Dentists – there are far too many that think collaboration is a four letter word. The idea of taking down borders and barriers and stricture and structure is a status quo that does not yield easily……….however, set aside